Thursday, March 20, 2014

Scientific Evidence That Spectraland Is Real?

As all of you know, there is a scene in Book One - on pages 142 and 143, to be precise - where Joel, Felicity and Marshall face off against a creature that resembles a "cross between a tyrannosaurus rex and a chicken." It has a feathered head and body, big sharp claws, and is very large: "(it) filled up the passageway with its tremendous height and girth."

And now, scientists have announced the discovery of a dinosaur that they have dubbed the "Chicken From Hell." If you will notice, the description of this prehistoric beast sounds a lot like our rooster-saur from Book One:

"Or you could characterize it, as Lamanna also told CNN, as a 600-pound cross between an ostrich and a velociraptor..."You might think this was a really, really weird-looking bird," Lamanna said. "... But, in fact, this was a very bird-like dinosaur ... with a really long bony tail, very large hands and really sharp claws."...the 11½-foot-long, roughly 10-foot-tall Anzu wyliei had a bird-like beak and apparent feathers." 
"Hey, that one will probably fit in the Caves of Wrath"
How about that, huh? Remember that Book One came out in July 2012, nearly two years before this announcement. Even though the fossils of this dinosaur had been dug up a while ago, the official unveiling only happened yesterday, and I solemnly swear that I had no idea about this until today.

Now, I will make the official declaration here that Spectraland is not prehistoric Earth. But, we do know that Wavemakers have been capable of bringing beings over from Earth to Spectraland, like they did with Marshall, so perhaps the ancient shamans who wanted to protect the Songshell imported this fine creature to the island. After all, as Marshall said: "Someone left it here as a guard." Seems like more than an uncanny coincidence, hmm? Something to think about...

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