Thursday, August 23, 2018

Volume Four Title Announcement!

Joel Suzuki, Volume Four is back from editing! So to celebrate, I'm going to announce the official subtitle in 5, 4, 3...
The official subtitle of Joel Suzuki, Volume Four is "Fable of the Fatewave." And here's the back cover copy (which is still subject to change, but will give you a general idea of what the book is about):

- WARNING - Contains Mild Spoilers for Volume Three - 

"It was a bittersweet victory for Joel Suzuki and his fellow Wavemakers. The Six States under the Shroud were liberated, Spectraland was spared a possible invasion, and the Earth was kept safe for now. But it all came at a heavy cost.

There's no time to wallow in sorrow, however. After Joel gains some amazing new abilities - time travel among them - an unexpected attack occurs, placing Spectraland in jeopardy once more and fatally injuring the one person who can safely guide Joel to his potential destiny as the most powerful Wavemaker to ever live.

Now it appears that the only way to put things right again is for Joel to travel back in time and prevent the attack long before it even happens. But doing so might mean that he never comes over to Spectraland in the first place! Will Joel be able to change the past, preserve the present, and save the future...all at once?"

So now the next steps are for me to polish the manuscript, finalize the cover, and get all the ducks lined up for a possible launch date sometime this year. I can't wait to share Joel and Felicity's latest adventure with all of you!

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