Thursday, November 8, 2018

Countdown: Week Three (Plus Bonus Status Update)

Here we are with week three of the countdown to Joel Suzuki, Volume Four: Fable of the Fatewave! If you've read the previous posts, then you know that each week leading up to the launch of Volume Four, I'll be posting a Joel-related video for your viewing pleasure.
In addition, this time around we have a bonus status update!

- The first draft of the screenplay adaptation of Joel Suzuki, Volume One: Secret of the Songshell is now up to 111 pages. It's looking like it will probably come in at around 150 pages or so, which amounts to a 2.5-hour movie. Long, I know, but hey, the Sorceror's Stone film was even longer than that (and yes, I'm comparing Joel to good ol' Uncle Harry).

- The first draft of Joel Suzuki, Volume Five is up to 85 pages, so it's about twenty-five to thirty percent complete.

- I'm also working on a new secret project novella, the first draft of which is up to 20 pages (about twenty percent done). It's not directly related to Joel, but, like everything else I do, it's part of the Second Player Shared Universe.

- The romantic comedy that involves baseball, anime, philosophy, and magic that I mentioned in the last status update post is finished. It clocks in at 114 pages, so a bit under two hours in movie time.

- The pilot teleplay that I mentioned in that same status update post is up to 31 pages - a little over halfway there.

- Second Player Score is in the studio as we speak, cutting tracks for two more songs from our upcoming third album. We also have our basic cover art design finished.

And now, the video! This is Part 3 of the Insider's Scoop, a series of short documentary-style films directed by the talented and brilliant Imani Chapin. In this particular installment, I reveal some of the challenges that went into writing Volume Two: Mystery of the Moonfire, and I tell you how I eventually managed to break through and get it done. Enjoy!
If you're not already familiar with the Joel Suzuki series, you can catch up by visiting the Joel Suzuki website and/or picking up copies of Volumes One through Three at the links below:

Joel Suzuki, Volume One: Secret of the Songshell
Joel Suzuki, Volume Two: Mystery of the Moonfire
Joel Suzuki, Volume Three: Legend of the Loudstone

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