Thursday, October 4, 2018


I have a very special announcement to make - today, October 4, 2018, brings us the official public unveiling of the Second Player Shared Universe (SPSU).
What is the SPSU, you ask? Well, similar to other shared universes like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), DC Extended Universe (DCEU), and so on, the SPSU is the connecting hub and overarching umbrella for a number of related franchises that are all loosely centered around my band, Second Player Score.

The concept of the SPSU began to take shape once I started working on the screenplay adaptation of Nobody's Hero this past summer. As I wrote it, I began to realize that all the different projects I had going on at the time had at least one element in common: the band. Yes, Second Player Score even shows up in Joel Suzuki (Volumes Two and the upcoming Four).

The various projects also reference each other; Glorified (the upcoming third SPS album as well as the title of the accompanying manga) makes an appearance in the first Nobody's Hero script, and there are some well-hidden Joel Suzuki Easter Eggs in another screenplay that I wrote and mentioned in this post.

But really, it all comes back down to the band. We make cameo appearances in just about everything I'm working on, kind of like Stan Lee. We even have our own series of short film scripts, the first of which is hopefully going into production soon, and our own line of beer (not publicly available yet, but we hope to remedy that someday).

Anyway, you'll be hearing more about the SPSU in the weeks and months to come, as we have some pretty big plans in store as well as some other projects that are still being kept under wraps for now. So stay tuned!


  1. A media powerhouse! Kudos to SPS for raising the bar and perhaps leading the way for artists to capitalize on the brave new digital frontier!