Thursday, August 11, 2022

Volume Six Cover Reveal!

Here it is, courtesy of artist extraordinaire Jill Colbert of Manfish Inc.
And here's the back cover copy:

(WARNING - Contains spoilers for Volume Five)

"With the help of an enemy-turned-ally, Joel Suzuki has returned to the magical, musical island of Spectraland. He's ready to learn the licks and riffs he needs in order to stop his nemesis from conquering all of existence.

But after an unexpected betrayal, that plan is no longer practical - if it was ever possible. Joel's only choice is to embark on a hazardous journey through alternate realities, gathering the energy of multiple Songshells through a perilous process that jeopardizes not only his own life, but the integrity of the multiverse itself.

Meanwhile, another threat has emerged as forces from faraway worlds conspire to destroy both Spectraland and Earth. Faced with foes on all sides and racing against time, Joel must find a way to complete his mission while dealing with romantic distractions, fading memories, and - maybe the biggest danger of all - the corrupting influence of his own growing power."

Next step: the proof copy! Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Volume Six Title Announcement!

We are getting very close to finalizing Volume Six of the Joel Suzuki series! And so, here's the official subtitle:
That's right, the official subtitle is "Dance of the Darkeye." Those of you who are familiar with the series might be thinking, "Wait - Darkeye, as in the character Darkeye? That old dude who was mostly a bad guy throughout the first four books but then [SPOILER ALERT] became a good guy in the fifth book?" And the answer is: yes, that Darkeye. And yes, he's the only character (besides Joel, of course) to get his name in a book title (so far).

Coming next: the cover reveal!