Friday, October 12, 2012

Bullying Panel

Last night I attended Autism Empowerment's Bullying Prevention & Support Panel. Lots of great information was shared. Much mahalos to my friends Karen and John of AE for allowing me to talk about my book while I was there.

Two messages struck me in particular: (1) when you have a problem with someone bullying your child, don't go directly to the bully's parents. Try to work through intermediaries like school officials, or members of law enforcement if necessary; and (2) your child will get through this. It's a difficult situation that is to be taken very seriously, but don't let it defeat you.

Joel, the protagonist in Secret of the Songshell, has his share of bully issues. He has one particular tormentor that revels in making up reasons to harrass Joel, mainly to cover for his own insecurities. Not to give away too much of the story here, but Joel is able to put what he's learned about dealing with bullies to good use on Spectraland, and the bully gets a bit of karmic payback later on.

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