Thursday, May 16, 2013

Secret of the Songshell Factoids

- The part on page 2 when Joel notices the error on the Junior Prom poster was based on a real-life incident involving my son. He pointed out that a certain book cover with a picture of a calendar on it repeated the same day twice (unintentionally, I believe). This incident was actually the original inspiration for Joel's Sight power.

- The inspiration for Marshall's age (27) came from something called the 27 Club, which you can read more about here.

- Felicity got her scorpion tattoos as a tribute to her deceased parents, each of whom was a Scorpio. Originally, there were a few lines in the book that explained this, but I took them out because they didn't really fit.

- I didn't find this out until later, but there's a street called "Prism Valley Drive" in Indiana! Mahalo to my friends Jeff and Evelyn for taking this picture:

- Before I even solidified the concept for Songshell, I asked my kids: What is one thing you would like me to include in this book that I'm planning to write? My son said "powers," meaning magical or superhero-like abilities, and so that's where the whole wavecasting thing came from. My daughter said "a cute animal." Sammy the silvertail owes his existence to her.

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