Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings From Spectraland: Day Two

Okay, so that Chieftain Council thing was totally not what I expected. There was no food or drink, or anything even remotely party-ish. It was just the four Chiefs of the island, sitting around a table, talking to a Wavemaker about some kind of political crisis or whatever...interesting from an anthropological point of view, I suppose, but c'mon, I'm here for a vacation, not research. I did notice a couple of strange-looking villagers that seemed to resemble Joel and Felicity, but...that couldn't have been them, right?

Actual photograph
After that disappointing experience, I went off in search of an actual party. It took a while, but I eventually found a group of island residents sitting around with a vat of lifepod wine. That's right, an entire vat. It was like a hot tub filled with the stuff.

So anyway, today got off to kind of a slow start. I had some strange dreams (or "visions," as the folks here usually call them) about flying blue people with ray guns and Rachel Weisz. Fortunately, my tour guides were nice enough to wait until after lunch before we set out for the Silencer Stronghold. I'm still there as I write this (blogging from my phone - that's right, I'm a techie wizard) and so far, no gift shop. Not giving up hope yet, though. Oops, gotta go - there seems to be some kind of argument going on between one of my tour guides and a Stronghold curator...

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