Thursday, July 9, 2015

Internet Radio

My band, Second Player Score, owes a lot of its success so far to the awesome Internet radio stations that have been supporting us and playing our music ever since our first album, Fortress Storm Attack, came out last November.
For those of you who don't know, Internet radio is a great place to hear unsigned and indie bands that are just as good, if not better than, anything else that is out there right now. So today, I'd like to recognize a few of those stations and suggest that you give them a listen....

Neue Regel Radio
Awesome DJs, great people, and a killer mix of alternative and indie music. They are so cool that they even decided to give a job to my drummer (that's him in the picture above). Be sure to check out his debut show tonight from 6-8pm Pacific Time!

Anarchy Radio
Local Portland legends. Some of you may recall that we played at their 3rd birthday party back in May.

Code Zero Radio
New Rock for New Radio, as they say. I bet you'll never guess who's on their Artist Spotlight right now...go on, guess! Or just go and check out their site right now.

XRP Radio
Awesome UK-based station playing the best in unsigned and indie music. Oi! Give it a listen!

Boston Rock Radio
There are so many cool things about Boston that I don't even know where to start. Oh wait, I know, how about this radio station.

Open The Door Radio
Just look at that picture. How can you not love it?

Portland Radio Project
More local Portland goodness. For those of you in this area, they are also on the FM dial at 99.1.

A few more awesome stations:

The Quinn Spinn

Rockers Dive Radio
IAAM Radio
The Irish Jinger Show on W4CY Radio
We did a live interview on this show recently. Salmon pizza rules!

Anyway, don't forget to tune in to DJ Kylezbub's show tonight - I'll be in the chat room, causing general chaos and mayhem....

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