Thursday, September 10, 2015

Deep Questions

Warning: this post contains spoilers for Mad Max: Fury Road, The Legend of Korra (Seasons 2&3)Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales (Mission to Mos Eisley).

This is not a test. These are just nerdy questions that I ask myself while I'm doing stuff like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. Read 'em through and see if you have any opinions on what the answers might be...

1. What was Furiosa's plan when it came to the War Boys who were with her on the supposed fuel run?
I mean, was she just gonna take them with her to the Green Place? And if so, what then? Was she counting on the Vuvalini to help her eliminate them once they got there? Or was she thinking that either the Buzzards or the Rock Riders were going to kill them - and not her - along the way? It didn't seem like her deal with the latter group included a clause for that.

On a related note, where were the Vuvalini living when Furiosa found them, since the Green Place was no more? Couldn't Furiosa and the Five Wives have just stayed there and moved in? Why did traveling across the salt flats to who-knows-where seem like a better alternative?

2. Shouldn't Eska and Desna have been thrown in jail for attempting to kill Korra?
Or, at the very least, shouldn't they not have been named the new Chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe? I mean, as far as I could tell, the only crime that Zaheer committed before he got locked up the first time was attempting to kidnap - not kill - Korra when she was a kid, and that landed him in long-term solitary confinement. My daughter told me that it has something to do with forgiveness and redemption (like how Zuko ended up being the new Fire Lord after he kidnapped Aang), but I'm not sure it would work that way in real life.

I do like how the show humorously attempted to address the issue, though, in the Season 3 scene where Zuko said "I hired a guy like that to kill the Avatar myself once" and Eska said "that's okay, I tried to kill Korra after she ruined my wedding. It happens."

3. Why does Obi-Wan call Darth Vader "Darth"?
As in, "you can't win, Darth." It just sounds so silly to me now every time I hear it. I've probably talked about this before, but I was reminded of it when I watched the latest episode of Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales and they didn't even make fun of it (they do, however, make a hilarious reference to the fact that both Obi-Wan and Luke didn't change their real last names).

I know that originally Obi-Wan calls Darth Vader "Darth" because at the time, George Lucas hadn't yet decided that "Darth" was a title and not a name. But of all the things that Lucas tinkered with later on, couldn't he have changed that, instead of all the other stuff that people are mad about now (Han shot first, etc.)? I mean, "you can't win, Vader," would have sounded much better.

I suppose it's sort of like saying "you can't win, General," to General Grievous, but "Darth" is not commonly used as a title in either the real world or in any of the various Star Wars media, so it just comes across as a little strange.

Anyway, that concludes this installment of "Deep Questions." If you have any answers you'd like to suggest or point out (like, perhaps I missed something and need to watch Fury Road again - twist my arm), leave a comment below...

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