Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Two Cover Unveiled!

If you're coming here from the Spectraland Saga's Facebook page, then you've probably already seen most of the cover. But here it is in its entirety!
Much thanks goes to graphic artist extraordinaire Purnima Prasad Tronson for her awesome work. The back cover copy reads:

"Things are going pretty well for seventeen-year-old Joel Suzuki. He doesn't have a girlfriend yet, but he does have a band, a record deal, and some really cool memories of saving a faraway place called Spectraland a little over six months ago.

But then his old friend Fireflower shows up at one of Joel's concerts and asks for his assistance. Apparently, things are not going quite as well back in Spectraland as they are on Earth.

Joel agrees to help. But soon after he arrives in Spectraland, the situation takes a turn for the worse: the tropical island's majestic twin moons suddenly burst into flames, and Wavemakers--the people with the power to create magic through music, of which Joel is one--begin to go missing.

Now, Joel must solve the mystery of who is behind these malevolent misdeeds before he falls victim to them as well. Could it be the Silencers, a group of angry individuals who are opposed to the Wavemakers' very existence? Or perhaps another, even more sinister force that no one--including Joel--is expecting..."

Stay tuned to this space for an announcement about the official release date, when you can finally get your hands on a copy of Book Two! (hint: it's before the launch parties)

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