Thursday, January 28, 2016

Launch Party Recap And Book Three Status Update

This blog post is brought to you by the number three. Why? Because today, I'll be recapping Launch Party number three, which featured three bands (each with three members) as well as three local authors. Also, I'll be giving you the third status update on Book Three.
Launch Party #3 was, in a word, awesome. Authors April Bullard and Shawna Reppert were there with their books (Roslyn McFarland had a last-minute situation and had to cancel - we missed ya, Ros), Nate and the staff at Shanahan's were super-cool as usual, and there was already a nice crowd assembled by the time I rolled in. Some of my friends even flew in all the way from Los Angeles and Hawaii to attend!
Toxic Kid hit the stage first and rocked the place with their old-school punk rock sound. Second Player Score was up, well, second, and I had a great time jumping around and screaming things into the microphone. Then afterwards, Stab In The Dark were so rockin' that they incited a mosh pit (check it out on our Facebook page - just scroll down a bit)! It was a very smart pit, by the way - whenever someone fell down, everyone stopped and helped them up. Good to see.
John and Karen from Autism Empowerment were also there, and I'm happy to report that I'll be able to make another donation after selling a bunch of books at the party. I'll bring the check over this weekend, John and Karen!

Since we're on the subject of books, I can now smoothly segue into the Book Three status update! Uh huh, that's right, you see what I did there.

At the time of last month's update, I was at 22,000 words. Now I'm at...(drum roll)...33,000 words! Woo! Right on track. This whole no-stopping-to-revise-or-rethink plan is really working wonders so far. Of course, I'm sure there's tons of garbage within those 33,000 words that will get cut or rewritten later, but again, as I learned during the Book Two process, that kind of thing will happen anyway, so there's no sense in slowing myself down during the initial drafting process.

And hey, how about that - the latest word count makes for another "3" reference! 'Cause, you know, 33,000 words...thirty-three thousand is a multiple of three...all right, I'll stop now.

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