Thursday, April 26, 2018

Felicity and Fireflower Get Ready To See Avengers: Infinity War

Hey, Felicity here. A little over four months ago I introduced the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War to my friend Fireflower, who, as you know, is from Spectraland. Anyway, since then - and especially after she saw Gamora - she's been really interested in not only this upcoming movie but in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. So in anticipation of this week's release of Infinity War, we caught up with all the other MCU movies to date. I think she even bought and read a few of the actual comics after I showed her how to use Brian's credit card online. Now we're all properly stoked and ready to go see this movie.
Fireflower (modeling her Gamora costume): How do I look?
Felicity: Awesome.
Fireflower: Thank you. As do you. That Black Widow outfit really suits you.
Felicity: I didn't even have to dye my hair this time.
Fireflower: So you are sure it is acceptable to view the film in public while dressed like this?
Felicity: Oh yeah, of course. It's cosplay, man. There'll be lots of people dressed up. Plus this way we won't have to explain your naturally green skin.
Joel (walking into the room wearing a Spider-Man costume): Hey, everyone.
Fireflower: That is the line from Captain America: Civil War!
Joel: Wow, you got that reference! I'm impressed.
Felicity: She's really been doing her homework.
Fireflower: It has been my pleasure. Your Earth stories are so very interesting. And now I know why that line about "made-up names" in the second trailer is so humorous.
Felicity: Speaking of which, we should watch that one again. Joel, fire it up.
Joel: Okay. (presses play)
Fireflower (saying Gamora's lines): "The entire time I knew him...he only ever had one goal: to wipe out half the universe. If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with a snap of his fingers." (snaps) "Just like that."
Felicity (in fake-Tony Stark voice): "Tell me his name again."
Fireflower (dramatically): "Thanos."
(Everyone breaks out laughing, Felicity and Fireflower exchange high-fives)
Joel: Nice.
Fireflower: I cannot wait to view this.
Joel: Hopefully it's good.
Felicity: Dude, how can it not be? I mean, even in a worst-case scenario, you've got all these characters stuffed into the same film, so that alone will be amazing.
Joel: You're right.
Felicity: I know.
Keeper of the Light (walking into the room, dressed as Mantis): I am not sure about this.
Joel: Whoa, you look great!
Felicity: Yeah, what he said.
Fireflower: Do not fret. Thanks to your antennae and your naturally large eyes, your appearance is remarkably faithful to the original.
Keeper: I suppose, but these sleeves are rather uncomfortable. How long did you say this movie was?
Felicity: Two hours and forty minutes. Plus there'll be about fifteen minutes of previews.
Keeper: Oh my.
Felicity: You'll be fine. Once everything starts you'll forget about your sleeves or whatever.
Joel: All right, I think we'd better get going.
Felicity: Dude, relax. We still have half an hour to get to the theater.
Joel: Twenty-eight minutes, actually. And there's going to be a long line.
Felicity: I already bought tickets online. We have reserved seats. So chill.
Joel: You already bought tickets?
Felicity: That's what I just said.
Joel: No, I mean, how did you do that? You don't have a credit card.
Felicity: The details aren't important. Now we should watch the trailer one more time before we -
Brian (walking into room, not in costume): Hey, do you guys know why I have all these strange charges on my credit card statement? There's, like, hundreds of dollars for some comic book store, movie rentals, the theater, and -
Felicity: All right, we gotta go. Don't want to be late. See ya!
Brian: What? Hey, wait!
Felicity (on her way out the door): We'll talk about that stuff later!
Brian: Okay, but don't forget this Saturday we have the Autism Empowerment Game-O-Rama Fundraiser from 4pm-8pm at Northwest Gospel Church, 305 NE 192nd Avenue, Vancouver WA!
(Car zooms away)
Brian (sighing): Oh, those kids.

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