Thursday, March 11, 2021

April and Lydia Predict The 2021 MLB Season

In what is now becoming an annual (or biannual, in last year's case) tradition, we welcome some very special guests to the blog: our in-house baseball experts/die-hard Seattle Mariners fans April Hayashi and Lydia Sanchez! They'll be giving their thoughts on their predictions from last year, what they expect from the M's and baseball in general during the upcoming season, and more.
Brian: Hello, ladies.
April: Hello.
Lydia: 'Sup.
Brian: So - 
Lydia: I know what you're going to ask.
Brian: You do?
Lydia: Yeah. Something about Mather-gate.
Brian: Well, I was planning to bring that up at some point, yeah.
Lydia: Just more evidence that there's still a curse on the Mariners.
April: Well, now that he's gone -
Lydia: Thank goodness.
April: - maybe things will start to turn around.
Lydia: Let's hope so.
Brian: And that brings me, sort of, to what I was going to start off with - the M's record from last year's pandemic-shortened season. Let's see... (checks notes) April, you predicted that they would finish at 23-37, in last place. They actually ended up in -
Lydia: Third place, at 27-33. Ahead of the Angels and Rangers.
April: You really should let him finish his sentences.
Lydia: Oh, you're so polite.
Brian: No problem. But yeah, they seemed to have exceeded expectations.
April: And almost made the playoffs!
Lydia: Too bad the Astros didn't finish at 8-52, like I wanted.
April: Well, they did have a losing record. And the A's won the division.
Lydia: True.
Brian: All right, moving on - you folks thought, both in March and in July, that the Dodgers would win the World Series.
Lydia: And they did! We're psychic.
April: Well, I mean, with a roster that stacked, it was an obvious prediction.
Lydia: I still say we're psychic.
April: Okay.
Brian: What are your psychic predictions for this year? Let's start with the Mariners' record.
April: I'll go out on a limb and say 83-79, third place.
Brian: So, still no playoffs?
April: Yeah. Unfortunately.
Lydia: I'll see your limb and raise you: 92-70, AL West Champions. Shock the world, baby!
Brian/April: Seriously?
Lydia: Sure, why not? I mean, the bullpen looks better, the Big Maple is back, and we have the reigning Rookie of the Year. 
April: But -
Lydia: I know what all the projections say, and I don't care. Besides, aren't you the one always saying that we need to have hope?
April: Yeah, I guess.
Lydia: Also, I'm gonna say that Marco Gonzales, Kyle Lewis, and J.P. Crawford will be All-Stars. And Jarred Kelenic will be Rookie of the Year.
Brian: Wow.
April: This is certainly a big change from last July when you didn't want to predict anything.
Lydia: Well, I thought about what you just said about things starting to turn around, and I figured maybe you're right. Heck, maybe Mather was the curse!
Brian: I guess we shall see. So, what about the World Series Champs?
April/Lydia: Dodgers.

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