Thursday, May 12, 2022

Volume Six And Seven Status Updates

At the last update eight weeks ago, I said that Joel Suzuki, Volume Six was ready for a line edit, and that Volume Seven was up to 16,000 words (around 64 pages).
What a difference two months makes! Since that previous post was published, Volume Six has been fully line-edited, and all the accepted editorial revisions have been applied. I even finished the back cover copy. Now, it's just a matter of doing the formatting and getting the cover art done. Look for a subtitle announcement in the near future!

As for Volume Seven, it's now up to 30,000 words (around 120 pages). The way it's going so far, when this volume is finished I think it'll be the longest installment in the series by far at an estimated 100,000 or so words (400 pages, yikes!), surpassing Volume Six's 90,500 words (362 pages). I hadn't originally planned it that way, but I guess it makes sense considering that it will be the epic finale to the whole seven-book arc.* We shall see. Either way, I'm really enjoying writing it, which is always a good sign. Stay tuned for more updates!

* Long-time readers of this blog and/or fans of the Joel Suzuki series may recall this post that talked about the possibility of there being Volumes Eight through Eleven, which, if they happen, will probably be "post-adventures" that happen outside of the main seven-volume story.

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