Thursday, June 2, 2022

Super-Easy Surf 'N' Turf: A Recipe In Haiku

Easy surf 'n' turf
A recipe in haiku
Results may vary
The ingredients:
Twelve pieces pre-breaded shrimp
Ten-ounce ribeye steak

One can of mushrooms
White rice, quantity to taste
One cup of green beans

Cook rice like always
Trim steak, add salt and pepper
Don't forget both sides

Preheat the oven
Follow directions on box
For the breaded shrimp

Add some oil to pan*
How much oil? Just a little
Set stove to seven

Cook the steak to your
Desired doneness level
Turn heat down to five

Remove steak from pan
Drain water from the mushrooms
And also the beans

Add both to the pan
Turn heat down to one
Stir, wait, stir, wait, stir

If you followed all
The directions for the shrimp
Then they should be done

Remove 'shrooms and beans
Combine everything on plate**
Make sure stove is off

This makes two servings
Total prep and cooking time
Thirty-five minutes

Crack open a beer
Take picture, post to Facebook
Sit down and enjoy

* Believe it or not
Yes, "oil" is one syllable
"Oi" is a diphthong

** Also, "everything"
Is really three syllables
English is so weird

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