Thursday, May 4, 2023

Album Four Status Update

Well, we have FINALLY finished all the tracking for every song on Second Player Score's fourth album, Four-D. As one would say in Japanese, yatta! ("Yay!") And also, yokatta ("Thank goodness").
Over the last couple of days, we recorded the four songs that make up the album's "Summer Suite," including "Dimension No. 4," "Challenge Accepted," "Daily Grind," and "This Won't Be So Easy After All" (the title of that last one could very well apply to the recording of this album, which turned out to be a FOUR-year process - there's that number again).
So hopefully we are still on track for a summer of 2023 release. The accompanying card game that I've mentioned in previous posts is probably back on the shelf for now as we have other big projects going on at the moment, but it will see the light of day eventually, I swear.
In the meantime, stay tuned for release date announcements, cover reveals, etc.!

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