Thursday, January 25, 2024

Table Read For Hold My Beer

The table read for Hold My Beer was a great success!
Huge thanks and shout-outs go to our amazing cast and crew: Andrew York, Ian Engelsman, Ethan Blackwelder, Lydia Pearl Pentz, Rich Ray, Karen Krejcha, Kevin Coy, Eric Holmes, Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Jennie Greb (in absentia), Karen York, Heidi Blackwelder, John Krejcha, Torin Tashima, Ryan Krejcha, Justine Krejcha, Elizabeth Holmes, Andy Lockhart, and Beth Harrington. The guys in SPS and I are so happy and grateful to be working with such a talented bunch of people.

Thanks also to Stephen's Place for hosting us, Autism Empowerment for the food and co-production, and, of course, the Vancouver Culture, Arts, and Heritage Commission for the generous grant that is helping to make this project possible.

More to come!

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