Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Musical Hist - Wait, Hold On

We interrupt this episode of the My Musical History serial to announce some present-day music news: my current band Second Player Score has just released four brand-new, freshly-recorded tracks! So, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to our Reverbnation page at this link
2. Click on "Play All" (near the top middle)
3. Turn it up
4. Come back here to read about them
The first tune, "Chosen One," is a nerdy love song that contains references to Harry Potter, The Matrix, Legend of Zelda, and The Last Story (bonus points if you recognized that last title). We're planning to make a video for this one.

The next song, "Gloria," was the first in our set to really get the three-part vocal harmony treatment. From there, we decided to spread that special sauce over everything else, and you're hearing the results of that today.

"BTMD" (the title of the third one) stands for "Better Than My Dreams." The original version of this song was a slower, grind-ier quasi-metal thing with a bunch of different riffs and chords, but then we decided to simplify it and make it our entry into the Four Chords of Awesome pantheon (that last link is parental advisory, by the way.) The lyrics - of "BTMD," not "4 Chords" - are dedicated to my kids.

Finally, "Falling Forever '14" is a remake of a song that one of my previous bands, Upper80, used to play (I wrote it, so I'm not ripping it off. More on Upper80 in a future installment of the My Musical History series.) We always wanted to have a vibraslap in that song, and now it does.

I'd like to mention that all of these songs, as well as the other ones on our Reverbnation page ("Sad & Glamorous," "Bend," and "More Like Him") are available on that same page as FREE DOWNLOADS. So download away, put them on your phone, put them on your computer, burn them onto CDs, and spread the word to everyone you know! Also, while you're at it, don't forget to "like" us and our songs on Reverbnation and Facebook.

Special thanks goes to Stephan Hawkes, our engineer and the owner of Interlace Audio, the studio that we recorded these tracks at. We're planning to do three more this summer, so stay tuned! And now, we return you to our regularly scheduled pro - oh, well, maybe next time.

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