Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bullet Point Updates

On the music front:

- Second Player Score just finished laying down tracks for the final three songs of our debut album, which is tentatively scheduled to be released this fall. We'll be playing songs from that album (and busting out our cool new band t-shirts) at a show on July 12th over at Shanahan's in downtown Vancouver with our friends Stab In The Dark and Rocket 3.
If you can't wait that long to hear me warble things into a mic, I'll be doing a solo gig at The Red & Black Cafe on June 9th, opening for LAM! LAM! from North Carolina.

On the writing front:

- Book Two is happily churning its way through the rewriting grinder. After taking a short break and then reading the first draft back to myself, I felt that the emotional focus wasn't sharp enough and the plot was too convoluted. So while there were a lot of cool things going on, especially for fans of the first book, the overall story was rather dull and confusing at the same time - kind of like this movie (which, for the record, I don't really hate as much as other people do.)
But don't worry, while chunks of the first draft will be retained and/or re-purposed, I am confident that - due to my own self-critical nature as well as the (merciless) input of my editor, beta readers, and fellow authors - the eventual finished product will be much, much better. In fact, meesa guarantee it.

On the video game front:

- I basically stopped playing MHU3, as I've been completely absorbed with my re-play of Xenoblade, which I'm finding to be even more enjoyable the second time around.
A lot of the story makes more sense now that I know how it all ends. When my daughter and I watch the cut scenes now, we say stuff to each other like "Oh, so that's what that was about!" and "No! Don't believe him!" which is always good geeky fun. Plus, I finally finished the side quests that get me into King Agni's Tomb, so awww yeahhh

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