Thursday, June 5, 2014

Liveblogging With Felicity: Teen Titans Go!

Today, Felicity and I will be liveblogging an episode of Teen Titans Go! Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen...
B: I love this show
F: Ur like a little kid
B: What's wrong with that
F: Just sayin
B: Ok it's starting
F: hooray
B: This episode is "Dude, Relax"
F: Right
B: I'm just letting the readers know
F: The who?
B: Raven's expressions kill me
F: Robin is so neurotic
B: "All good, bro." Awesome and hilarious
F: You need to do the relax
B: What are you trying to say
F: nuthin
B: Clipping the bonsai with her powers, so funny
B: "No." love it
F: She is pretty cool
B: See, I knew you liked her
F: Whatever
B: "Is there a specific way I should hum - in a minor key?" ha
F: Ur like Robin
B: No I'm not
F: Whatever
B: I need a couch like that
F: Yes you do
B: I don't think any monkeys stole my diaper
F: Ok that's just disturbing
B: Aw man it's over already
F: You know there's another one coming up
B: Yesss
F: Settle down there
B: This State Farm commercial - isn't it more freaky that the baby is talking than the mime
F: I think that's the point
B: Alright the show's back
F: hooray
B: Oh cool "Laundry Day." This one is so good
F: I need more soda
B: This show has so many quick and subtle moments of awesomeness, that's what makes it great
B: Batman cowl made of leaves, Raven's pink bunny slippers
B: You're missing all the moments!
B: Glorg blorger
F: Back. What did I miss
B: A bunch of awesome moments
F: This soda tastes flat
B: "I'll take over the world another time." ha
F: Wasn't the original Gizmo an old dude
B: Yeah. So you do know about this stuff!
F: I was just guessing
Join us next time as we liveblog something else!

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