Thursday, March 2, 2017

Status Update!

Whoa, is it March already?
Book Update:

- You've all seen the awesome new cover art for Volume One. The art for Volumes Two and Three will be revealed shortly!

- The first draft of Volume Four is coming along nicely. I did have to backtrack a bit and rewrite a bunch of stuff, but it was going to happen eventually, so it was cool to get it done now. Officially, I'm at around 16,000 words (64 pages or so), but I do have chunks of other scenes that may still work their way back into the draft.

- As always, I had fun at the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show last week. Much thanks to Roslyn McFarland for putting that together. Tomorrow, I'll be doing a Skype in the Classroom lesson with a school in Hollidaysburg, PA, followed by a local appearance at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary right here in good old Vancouver (thanks to Susie Slanina for setting that up!)

Band Update:

- The lyrics for our third album Glorified are done, and now we're on to working out the vocal harmonies.

- Additional distribution and promotion of our first two albums by the UK-based indie label Fusion Records has begun!

- Tonight, we'll be doing a live interview and acoustic performance with our friends from Anarchy Radio, on location at Flying Pie Pizzeria in Milwaukie, OR. The fun starts at 6pm. Check it out!

TV Update:

- Season 2 of The Magicians has been epic so far. Favorite bits: "Where are my stuff touchers?" and "FU Fighters."

- Watched the first episode of Legion...I think it was exactly what they wanted it to be, which was pretty cool, but not really my sort of thing. I dunno, maybe I'll give it another shot.

- Season finale of Star vs. The Forces of Evil: about as compelling as a kid's cartoon - or really any show, for that matter - can get, on par with the best episodes of Gravity Falls. I couldn't look away.

Video Game Update:

- Been trying furiously to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE before Breath of the Wild comes out TOMORROW but man, those Cosmic Egg puzzles are actually pretty confusing. I might have to shelve it and come back to it later.

- Did I mention that Breath of the Wild is coming out TOMORROW? My daughter and I are just a little bit excited. Because it's coming out TOMORROW.

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