Thursday, March 1, 2018

No Pants, No Heroes, No Problem!

As mentioned in the last Statii Update, my band's second album Nobody's Hero has been re-released by Portland's own No Pants Records. We're proud to be on the roster of a local, homegrown label that is dedicated to supporting independent artists.
In case you didn't know, Nobody's Hero is a concept album that tells the story of a warrior who is granted magical powers by an evil spirit. At first, he tries to use them to perform good deeds, but eventually he succumbs to temptation and ends up destroying the world. It's a bit darker and more sword-and-sorcery-ish than the Joel Suzuki series (think Beowulf or Dragonslayer).

And now, to celebrate its re-release (and to give our fans something else cool to enjoy), we've unleashed a piece of flash fiction that fleshes out the story a bit more, with mini-chapters based on each song. It was co-written by me and the other members of the band, and it even features audiobook-style narration by Tryston Blyth of Neue Regel Radio (his accent is fantastic and a perfect match for the story).

It's freely available to check out on the Second Player Score website - just go here. Then after you've read and listened, let us know what you think!

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