Thursday, November 15, 2018

Countdown To Volume Four: Week Four

It's getting close!
This is week four of the countdown to Joel Suzuki, Volume Four: Fable of the Fatewave. As you can see, I have a proof copy in my hands...or, er, hand. It turned out great, so a supply of books have been ordered and everything is getting ready to go live.

If you've been reading the previous few posts, then you know that each week leading up to the launch of Volume Four, I'll be posting a Joel-related video for your viewing pleasure. This week, it's Part 4 (how many times can I say the word "four" today?) of The Insider's Scoop, a series of short documentary-style films directed by the talented and brilliant Imani Chapin. In this particular installment, I talk about Volume Three: Legend of the Loudstone and explain how that book expanded Joel's world. Enjoy!
In case you're not already familiar with the Joel Suzuki series, you can catch up by visiting the Joel Suzuki website and/or binge-reading the first three volumes:

Joel Suzuki, Volume One: Secret of the Songshell
Joel Suzuki, Volume Two: Mystery of the Moonfire
Joel Suzuki, Volume Three: Legend of the Loudstone

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