Thursday, April 11, 2019

April and Lydia Predict The 2019 MLB Season

Well, I figure that the time has come. Normally, I wouldn't want to introduce new people to my readers before their stories are officially published, but something - probably the hot start by the Seattle Mariners combined with the fact that I can't seem to stop mentioning them in other posts - is compelling me to do this now. So, please welcome the stars of my yet-to-be-produced spec script involving baseball, anime, philosophy, and magic: April Hayashi and Lydia Sanchez.
Brian: Good morning, you two.
April: Good morning.
Lydia: Morning. Or "ohayou," right? Isn't that how you say it in Japanese?
B: It is, yes.
L: I knew it! Man, watching all these anime shows with April is really starting to pay off.
A (laughs): Yeah, you'll be fluent in no time.
L: Hey, you hardly know the language yourself.
B: All right, so - why don't we start off by having you tell our readers a little bit about yourselves.
L (to April): You can go first.
A: Okay, well, I'm April Hayashi. I'm twenty-four years old, I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where I now live, and I work as a product manager for Amazon.
L: And I'm Lydia Sanchez. Everything she said is the same for me, except that I'm a programmer at Microsoft.
B: And you're both big Seattle Mariners fans, correct?
A: Correct.
L: Yep.
B: What do you think of how the season's going so far?
A: Couldn't be happier.
L: Ditto. But, you know, I can't say I'm exactly surprised.
B: Why's that?
L: Well, you know...I mean, how much can I say about the script?
A: Don't want to give away too many spoilers.
L: Let's just say that April and I are the ones who are responsible for all the winning that's going on right now.
A: Well, not completely.
L: Mostly, though.
B: I heard that the script actually predicted the exact date that the Mariners got eliminated from playoff contention last season.
L: It totally did! Almost like magic - which, by the way, we found out is for real. Right, April?
A: I guess.
L: What do you mean, you guess? Remember that card from Wendy's store? And the -
A: Lyd, spoilers!
L: Right, right.
B: So, on another subject - April, you're first cousins with Joel Suzuki, right?
A: Yeah, I am.
B: But your story doesn't overlap with his.
A: No, it's a completely separate thing. Although, there is a small connection...
L: Hey, who's giving away spoilers now?
A: I wasn't going to say any more.
L: Sure, yeah.
B: Back to the Mariners, what are your predictions for how the 2019 season is going to turn out?
A: Well, I don't want to sound too overconfident, but -
L: World Series champs, baby.
B: Seriously?
L: Yup. You heard it here first.
B: April, do you agree?
A: I...I guess?
L: Oh, c'mon, Hayashi, we were just talking about this other day. Remember, we won't be jinxing the team by saying it.
A: Okay, okay. Yeah. World Series champs.
L: Woohoo!
B: Well, there you have it, folks. April and Lydia have predicted that the Seattle Mariners are going to win the 2019 World Series. Ladies, thank you so much for stopping by today.
A: You're welcome.
L: Anytime.
B: I hope your story gets produced soon. Either way, though, please come back in the fall so we can revisit your prediction and see if it came true.
L: Both things are gonna happen, I'm telling you.
A: We will. And thanks for having us.
L: Always so polite.

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