Thursday, October 1, 2020

Statii Update

In spite of everything, things are still happening. Somehow.
Boot camp is done! We are going into the studio today and tomorrow to record tracks for Four-D: The Winter Suite, a four-song EP that will eventually, when combined with the Spring Suite, the Summer Suite, and the Fall Suite, be part of a full sixteen-song album. Look for a January 2021 release (of the Winter Suite EP, that is).

The manuscript for Volume Five was shipped off to my editor yesterday for a line edit, and work on the cover art is underway. If all goes well, it could be ready for a December 2020 release...maybe? I've also made progress on the first draft of Volume Six, getting it up to 5500 words (22 pages).

All the art for Glorified Issue #3 is complete. Now it's just a matter of confirming some information with our Kickstarter backers and then we can send it off to print. Release date: November 2020. Can't wait! (Also, I've been working on the storyline for Issues #13-25, which is "Volume Two" of Gloria's saga. Oh, did I mention that the scripts and storyboards for Issues #1-12 are already done? Well, I just did.)

We published our one-year anniversary/season one finale episode last week, and we started with season two this week. Our listener base has really been growing as of late, so if you're one of the people who has helped contribute to its growth, thank you very much! We're glad you're enjoying the program. If you're not (yet), you can check it out - for free - here.

My current main sources for my continued quest to learn the Japanese language have been an app called Drops, a website called Wanikani, and a book called Speak Japanese in 90 Days. Oh, and of course, watching anime and listening to J-Rock bands. I recently found myself able to read an exchange on Twitter between the ex-guitarist and ex-bassist of Stereopony without having to use the translate function, which was an achievement that totally made my day.

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