Thursday, September 30, 2021

Joel and Felicity Try Virtual Reality


A young man is here, sitting on the couch and watching a baseball game. This is JOEL. After a few moments, a young woman enters, carrying a box. This is FELICITY.

F: Dude, check it out.
J: What?

Felicity opens the box.

F: I got an Oculus Quest 2.
J: Oh, nice. Did you buy it?
F: No, I stole it.
J: You did?
F: Kidding. Of course, I bought it.
J: How?
F: I still have Brian's credit card.
J: Oh.
F: Anyway, c'mon, we should try it out.

MONTAGE: Felicity and Joel setting up the Oculus Quest 2. After they're done -

F: Okay, you can go first.
J: Really?
F: Yes, really.
J: Thanks.

Joel puts the headset on and picks up the controllers. A couple of minutes go by, during which he looks around and moves the controllers, but doesn't say anything. Finally - 

F: Well?
J: Well, what?
F: How is it?
J: It's...okay, I guess.
F: Just okay?
J: To be honest, it's a little boring.
F: Are you trying to be sarcastic?
J: No, I'm not. It's just that...well, I think for an average person who hasn't tried virtual reality before, it would be awesome. But I've traveled through time and dimensions and alternate realities and all of that, so this is actually sort of...what's the word? Anticlimactic.
F: Okay, let me try.

Joel takes off the headset and gives it and the controllers to Felicity. She tries them out for a while.

F: Hmm, you know what? You're right.
J: I know.
F: Heh. I mean, yeah, I'm sure this is pretty cool for regular folks, but for us, it's like, we've already experienced stuff like this and more in our real lives.
J: Yeah.
F: Unless...what if our real lives are a simulation?
J: Huh?
F: You know, like in The Matrix. Or that South Park episode from 2014 where the kids were lost in virtual realities.
J: 2014? Isn't it 2013 right now?
F: Dude, it's 2021.
J: It is?
F: That's what I just said. Or maybe it isn't. I dunno, it's hard to tell sometimes. Because, you know, time travel.
J: You might be right, though. It's possible that our lives are just a creation of some other power that dictates our actions and controls our destinies.
F: Right? I get that feeling sometimes, too.
J: In which case, we would be living in a super-advanced version of virtual reality.
F: Like an Oculus Quest 2000.
J: Or 20,000.
F: Or 2 million.

Joel and Felicity trade awkward glances. Then-

J&F, together: NAH

They laugh.

F: Let's download Beat Saber.
J: Okay.


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