Thursday, December 23, 2021

Happy Holidays!

From all of here at the Brian Tashima Blog and the Joel Suzuki Series, we hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season.
Felicity: Dude.
Joel: Me?
Felicity: Yes, you. Do you see any other dudes around here?
Joel: I thought Brian was here.
Felicity: Nah, he's mailing it in. The intro to this post is just a copy-and-paste from last year's.
Joel: Oh yeah, you're right.
Felicity: Anyway, I was gonna say - he's making us wear these badly-drawn Santa hats again.
Joel: I know.
Felicity: Isn't that irritating to you?
Joel: I guess.
Felicity: Well, it's irritating to me.
Joel: Okay.
Felicity: So, I say this year, we get back at him.
Joel: How are we going to do that?
Felicity: Let's put cat litter in his chili.
Joel: That seems pretty mean.
Felicity: You think so?
Joel: I do.
Felicity: Okay, well, do you have any ideas?
Joel: Hmm...
Felicity: Oh, I know, how about we hide the TV remote.
Joel: But then we can't watch TV, either.
Felicity: Yeah, you're right.
Joel: We should probably do something that is equally annoying to him making us wear these hats. That way, it'll be, you know, equal.
Felicity: True.
Felicity (snaps fingers): I got it. Duh, it was so obvious.
Joel: What was?
Felicity: This.
Joel: Good one.
Felicity: I know.

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