Thursday, December 30, 2021

New Year's Resolutions By People From The Joel Suzuki Universe

Happy New Year, everyone! What are some of your resolutions?
Joel: To spend more time outdoors.
Felicity: You already spend a lot of time outdoors in Spectraland.
Joel: I know. I mean when I'm at home on Earth.
Felicity: Whatever.
Joel: What are your resolutions?
Felicity: To drink less diet soda. That stuff will kill you.
Taylor: To play less video games and read more books.
Alison: To be more patient with people.
Art: That's a good one.
Alison: Well, it was your suggestion.
Art: I'll try to stop giving so much unsolicited advice.
Alison: That's your resolution?
Art: Yup.
Alison: Ha. Good luck with that.
Fireflower: "New Year's resolution?" What is that?
Felicity: It's when you say you're going to do something but then after a couple of weeks you end up not doing it any more.
Fireflower: I see. What a curious custom. In that case, I resolve to stop playing pranks on others.
Felicity: Nice one.
Lydia: I'll be 100% positive and hopeful during baseball season, no matter what happens.
April: Wow, seriously?
Lydia: Seriously. Also, you heard what Felicity said, right?
April: Oh. Right.
Lydia: What about you, Brian?
Brian: Hmm, let's see... I resolve to work hard every day on revisions and rewrites for Volume Six of the Joel Suzuki series in the hopes of publishing it before the end of the year.
April: What is the "Joel Suzuki series"?
Lydia: Sounds like a book series that has something to do with your cousin, obviously.
Joel: Who, me?
Felicity: Do you see any other April's cousins around here?
Alison: You're writing a book series about my son?
Brian: Okay, gotta run. Happy New Year!

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