Thursday, January 26, 2023

Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2023 That I Did Not Realize I Was Looking Forward To Three Weeks Ago (An Addendum Post)

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- The Last of Us on HBO Max. Wow. So good. Two episodes in so far, with seven more to go, lasting through March. I've been hearing about the video game that the show is based on for years now, but I have to admit I've never played it, as I live in a Playstation-less, Nintendo-exclusive household. That may need to change. Anyway, when the show debuted, I figured I should give it a shot, even though I'm pretty burnt out on the whole zombie apocalypse genre in general...and I was not disappointed. Maybe it's the single dad thing? Who knows.

- Speaking of the single dad thing, how I could have forgotten to include season three of The Mandalorian (coincidentally starring Pedro Pascal from The Last of Us) and the rest of the Star Wars slate in my previous post? There's season two of The Bad Batch (which started the day before my previous post - again, how did I miss that? I literally just watched it), season two of Star Wars: Visions (the anime collaborations), Ahsoka, and Skeleton Crew.

- The fifth and final (boo) season of Aggretsuko, dropping February 16

- Season two of Invincible, coming "late 2023"

- The Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special, dropping February 9

- Having siding repairs done to my house. Yes, I know, boring. But it wasn't something that I had expected or anticipated three weeks ago, and then all of sudden I saw a spot of what is probably dry rot on the side of my house as I drove past it. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised that it's taken this long (I've lived in the house for over 21 years, and the house itself is around 27 years old). Getting it fixed is nowhere near as enjoyable as watching a new episode of a fun TV show (and will be way more expensive than a streaming service), but I'll be glad to have it done.

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