Thursday, September 21, 2023

Hold My Beer In Progress

Preproduction on Hold My Beer has officially begun! I mean, we already had a script, storyboards, a few actors, and a couple of locations lined up, but now that we've been approved for the grant from the Vancouver Culture, Arts and Heritage Commission (as mentioned in this previous post), activity is ramping up.
This past weekend, we did our first filmed chemistry read with two of our cast members, Karen Krejcha and Kevin Coy, both of whom knocked it out of the park! So now we'll be working to fill out the rest of our cast (which is kind of the priority, since if we don't have a cast, we don't have a film) while juggling any number of other items on the to-do list. Ah, the joys of indie filmmaking...

Also, tomorrow Second Player Score will be dropping the final track off our latest album 4-D, titled "Everything's Fine." It's a mellow, acoustic (with ukulele!) song meant to evoke images of sitting around a campfire during the denouement chapter of the story, where the heroes are licking their wounds and celebrating their victory over the bad guys. Here are the lyrics:

Things will always change and they will never, ever be the same
But well, hey, that's okay
Didn't really like them anyway

Beaten up and broken down from playing all your games
Bottom line, I won't whine
As long as there's a sun still left to shine

'Cause everything's fine

Take a breath, and calm yourself
Stay focused on the now
Like they say, come what may
Get a little better every day

Don't you worry, just relax and it will all work out somehow
So unwind, clear your mind
And wait for life to send some kind of sign

'Cause everything's fine

Check it out on all the usual streaming platforms!

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