Thursday, March 5, 2015

Book Three???

While the draft of Book Two is being reviewed, I've turned my attention for the moment to - gasp - Book Three.
No, not that Book Three
As you may recall, The Spectraland Saga is going to be a seven-book series, for reasons that I discussed in this previous post. I have the general story and character arcs for the entire series sketched out, as well as working titles and basic summaries for each book. That being said, though, there's always a good chance that things will change - maybe significantly - as I do the actual, you know, writing. If you've been following along with this blog, then you know that Book Two underwent a pretty lengthy (okay, very lengthy) process of rewriting and revision to get to the point that it's currently at.

With that in mind, I figured that it's not too early to get a jump on the next installment now, even before Book Two has been finalized. The good news is that, so far, it almost seems to be writing itself - without giving too much away, the events of Book Two lead pretty smoothly into Book Three, even though Two can be read as a mostly self-contained story (just like Book One). At the very least, I'm ahead of my previous pace, when I didn't even really start outlining in earnest until Book One had already been out for two months. See, I'm learning.

So, for a while you'll probably be seeing dual status updates: one for Book Two's progress from draft to finished product (a process that will conclude later this year - yes, I said it again), and one for Book Three's journey from outline onward. I have some really cool things planned for it, so I think it'll be a fun ride.

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