Thursday, February 25, 2016

Author Visit, Readcon, H&G Show, Book Three Status Update, Oh My!

Lots going on! Let's get to it, shall we?

On Tuesday, I had the honor of doing an author visit at Shahala Middle School, which happens to be both my son's alma mater as well as where my daughter is currently a student. To sum it up: I had a really great time.
Thanks Tony
There were about a hundred seventh graders in attendance, and they were all very attentive and asked some really great questions. I spent about ninety minutes answering them and talking about not only the Spectraland Saga, but also about reading, writing, and autism in general. It was so much fun. Much mahalos go out to Shahala's librarian, Paul Warner, as well as to all of the teachers and students for having me and making me feel more than welcome. Check out the Spectraland Saga's Facebook page for more photos!

This author visit was a precursor to READCON, which is Shahala's sci-fi/fantasy family night for the whole community. It's like if Comic-Con was being held in a middle school library. That event will take place on March 10 from 6-8pm, and the Portland Superheroes Coalition (with a real Iron Man suit, I have been told) and the Star Wars 501st Legion will be in attendance, along with yours truly. The event is free to attend, and there will be a ton of fun stuff going on, including prizes, contests, a book fair, and more. Book sales and donations will go to support both the library and Autism Empowerment. And, if you have dinner at the nearby Wendy's from 4-8pm that night, a portion of your sales will also benefit these two great causes! So if you're in the Portland/Vancouver area and want to attend a fun, free con, be sure to come on down.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing my biannual appearance at the Portland Home and Garden Show from 6-8pm. I always have a great time doing this, as I get to hang out with my awesome indie author friends from the Northwest Independent Writers Association! Again, if you're in the Portland/Vancouver area - and especially if you're a homeowner looking for stuff for your house, along with some great books - I highly recommend coming down to check it out. I'll be offering my usual discounted live show special of ten bucks for Book One, twelve bucks for Book Two, or twenty dollars for both, so this is your chance to take advantage of that!

And finally, the monthly Book Three Status Update: as of today, I am proud to announce that I am up to 44,000 words, which is ahead of my planned schedule and 11,000 words more than where I was at the time of last month's status update. Rolling right along...

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