Thursday, February 11, 2016

Letters to Spectraland

Brian Tashima
Prism Valley Press
P.O. Box 87454
Vancouver, WA 98687

February 11, 2016

Joel Suzuki and Felicity Smith
c/o Fireflower
Wavemaker Temple, Spectraland

Dear Joel and Felicity,

I hope the two of you are doing well. Right now over here it is Thursday, February 11, 2016, but I know that with all of the time warp stuff you guys are involved in it's hard to keep track sometimes.

Things back home are good. We got some more recent press coverage, both on TV and in the newspaper, and last Friday I announced that I'll be the special guest author at this year's Readcon at Shahala Middle School. I'll tell you more about Readcon later.

Haven't heard from either of you recently, so I'll assume that you're both really busy. I'm sure that you're having lots of fun practicing your wavebows, making up new lifepod-based recipes, and not getting into any kind of trouble whatsoever.

Felicity - when you get back, let's liveblog some more TV shows. I'm sad that Gravity Falls is ending, but I've gotten into a couple of new things, like Supergirl on CBS (which is fine for kids) and The Magicians on SyFy (which is not).

And Joel, when you get back, we should continue our Most Annoying Zelda Mini-Games series. I think we left off almost a year ago(!) at #6, the STAR game from Twilight Princess. Still not sure when the new Zelda game is coming out, but we might as well just forge ahead in the meantime (the good news is that the live-action series is apparently still on track).

Anyway, just wanted to drop you guys a line. Please say hello to Fireflower for me.

Best (because I know you both get squeamish when I say "Love"),


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