Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Three Status Update: Hangin' With Felicity Edition

Me: Hey, guess what?

Felicity: Meh

Me: I'm almost done with the second draft of Book Three!
Not the actual cover
F: Well, whoopee for you.

Me: No, seriously, somehow I'm totally ahead of schedule. I just got to 70,000 words, which is, like, 24,000 more than I had at the last status update, and it's 90% of the way through the story outline. I think I might actually finish this thing in July, rather than August or September. Isn't that cool?

F: If that just means I don't have to do any more guest posts, then sure.

Me: I can't guarantee that, of course. But it does mean that I can hopefully, depending on how many revisions I need to make, get this thing out sooner in 2017 than I originally planned.

F: Well, duh. I think that's kind of how time works.

Me: I'm tempted to offer up a launch date right now, but who knows, the draft might actually suck really bad and my editor will hate it and make me do most of it over again. But I really don't think that will happen, because so far I think it's pretty awesome and epic.

F: Wow, you managed to be, like, totally insecure and arrogant almost at the same time there. Good job.

Me: It's just that the story's been flowing really well so far, and all the pieces are coming together nicely. Having an outline really helps. I mean, sure, there are a few things that need to be cleaned up and tightened, but overall I'm super happy with it.

F: Don't you mean "really" happy?

Me: Huh?

F: I dunno, you just say "really" a lot.

Me: I guess I do, don't I? Huh. I never noticed that.

F: Better go check your draft for overuse of "really"s.

Me: I'm sure it's fine. Anyway, since you wanted to know what the book is about - 

F: I never said that.

Me: - all I can say at this point is that it picks up shortly after where Book Two left off, and it goes in some new and unexpected directions that I think fans of the Spectraland Saga and sci-fi/fantasy in general will enjoy. We're approaching the midpoint of the series now, so the stakes get raised, things get bigger, the scope starts to widen. I'll have more details later, but I don't want to reveal too much right now, since obviously I'm still in the draft stage and lots of stuff can change.

F: Just don't change any of the parts where I'm doing something cool. Like punching monsters and stuff.

Me: I'm not sure there's as much of that this time around, but don't worry, you still have your moments.

F: I'd better.

Me: Trust me, you do. Really.

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