Thursday, July 19, 2018

Joel and Felicity's Birthday Party

Hi everyone! Today, all of us here at the BTB (Brian Tashima Blog) are celebrating the birthdays of our resident superstars, Joel Suzuki and Felicity Smith. We have cake, punch, games, and more cake, so won't you join us?
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B: Happy birthday, you guys.
F: Yeah, whatever.
J: Um, thanks, but you know that today isn't our actual birthday, right?
B: Right, no, yeah, I know. Yours was on Tuesday, the 17th, and Felicity's is this Saturday, the 21st. I just figured we'd have a joint celebration today since it's right in the middle of both days.
F: What a ripoff.
B: Huh?
F: Doing one party for two different occasions. It's like when your birthday falls on Christmas.
B: Hey, it's not my fault you guys have birthdays that are so close together.
J: Actually, it kind of is.
B: Anyway, I've given up trying to figure out how old you both really are, which is why the cake only has two candles on it. You know, one for each of you.
F: Oh, I thought you were just being cheap.
B: I mean, besides, who wants to eat a cake that has dozens of candles dripping wax all over it, right?
F: You mean, like the one we got for you last year?
B: C'mon, be nice.
J: Why do you think she's not being nice?
F: Because I'm making fun of how totally ancient he is.
J: Oh, okay, I get it.
B: Let's just sing the song.
(Brian and Joel sing "Happy Birthday to You" while Felicity sits there, looking bored.)
J: Good thing that song is now considered public domain.
B: I know, right? Okay, you guys, blow out the candles.
F: You don't have to direct our every move, you know.
(Felicity and Joel blow out the candles.)
B: Yay!
F: All right, let's get to the presents.
(Joel and Felicity unwrap their first presents. Felicity's is a copy of Far Cry 5 for the XBox One, while Joel's is a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.)
J: I already have this.
F: *snorts*
B: Oh - wait, you do?
J: Yeah. And I finished it. This game came out last December.
B: Right, but I thought...
F: Apparently, you didn't think hard enough.
J: Um, it's okay. I can keep it as a backup, or something.
B: No, no, I'll return it and get you something else. I still have the receipt.
J: Are you sure?
B: Yeah. Let's just move on.
(Joel and Felicity unwrap their next presents, which are sets of guitar strings and picks.)
J: Cool, thanks.
F: We can never get enough of these, at least.
B: All right, let's do another one. How about the ones you got for each other?
J: Okay.
F: Sure, yeah, why not.
(Joel and Felicity start unwrapping the presents. Felicity finishes first.)
F: Yay, lifepods.
J: Does that mean you like it?
F: Dude, we can get lifepods almost any time we want back in Spectraland.
J: Um, I know, but they're usually kind of hard to bring back to Earth, and I know you like them, so I figured I'd -
F: Yeah, now that you mention it, how did you get these back here, anyway? They usually spoil when they go through the Rift.
J: Well, you know...
F: Time travel?
J: Yeah. Sorta.
F: Ah, ok. Well, thanks.
J: You're welcome.
F: All right, now finish opening yours.
(Joel finishes opening his present, which is a piece of parchment with musical notes written on it.)
J: Oh, cool!
B: What is it?
F: It's a wavecast. I wrote it myself.
J: What does it do?
F: Play it and find out.
J: Okay.
(Joel picks up his wavebow.)
J: Do I have to visualize anything while I'm playing?
F: Nah. It'll do its thing automatically.
(Joel plays the wavecast. A giant sparkleblock, like the one from Volume Two: Mystery of the Moonfirematerializes in the middle of the room.)
J: Whoa, nice!
F: I knew you'd like it.
(Joel gets up and dives right into the sparkleblock.)
J: Woo!
F: Hold on, I'll join you.
(Felicity enters the sparkleblock as well. The two of them swim around inside of it, chasing the little lights around.)

Well, I guess they'll just open the rest of their presents later. In the meantime, feel free to help yourself to more cake, and we'll see you next week!

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