Thursday, February 27, 2020

Is It Spring Yet?

As of this past Sunday, the answer to that question was: no. No, it is not (unless you consider temperatures in the 40s with occasional rain showers to be Spring). But! It was a good day for a book reading event - titled "Is It Spring Yet? - a multi-genre reading" - with a bunch of awesome local authors.
I had the pleasure and privilege to share the stage with seven of my fellow writers, including:

Elizabeth Mitchell (who organized the event. Thanks, Elizabeth!) - suspense
Debby Dodds - young adult romance
Heather Ransom - young adult sci-fi
Margaret Pinard - historical fiction
Dede Montgomery - literary fiction
Lisa Todd - literary fiction
Beth Cook - young adult/middle grade

Check out their works at the links above! Also, I highly recommend paying a visit to Urbanite, the venue that hosted us. They have all kinds of sweet vintage items, antiques, furniture, lighting, art and other neat stuff that can be used to raise the coolness factor of any space by a factor of 10,000. AND they have a huge parking lot right in back of the store, which in downtown Portland is about as rare and unique as a silvertail in Spectraland (if you haven't read the Joel Suzuki series of novels yet, trust me, they're rare and unique).

Anyway, here's a short video clip of me doing my thing:
Looking forward to taking part in more events like this one!

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