Thursday, April 22, 2021

Breakfast For Dinner

Just as Saturdays have become Steak Night at my house (as detailed in this previous post), Thursdays - that's today! - have become Breakfast for Dinner Night. Specifically, bacon, scrambled eggs, and rice (hold the eggs for my daughter, who hates them).
As with Steak Night, there's no need for a recipe, as obviously it's very basic. I fry the bacon first so then I can cook the eggs in the bacon oil. Also, I add a bit of milk to the scrambled eggs during the scrambling process. But both things are pretty common, though, right? 

The bonus to this is that the house smells like bacon the next morning. I guess that same effect could be achieved by actually making breakfast for breakfast, and then the house would smell like bacon all day, but whatever.

Another bonus is that for me, scrambled eggs are just a delivery system for my actual favorite foods (besides bacon), which are hot sauce and minced garlic (conveniently dispensed via squeeze bottle).
Also as with Steak Night, we don't do this every week, because too much bacon - oh, who am I kidding, we do this every week. For now, at least. Because, you know, bacon.

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