Thursday, May 20, 2021

Random Placeholder Post

This is a picture of a cat. A happy, sleeping cat that twitches occasionally because he's dreaming (I assume) of chasing and catching tiny fast-moving things.
This is what you post on your blog when your brain is too tired to come up with anything to write about because all of its Aura energy is being used on the sixth book of your young adult sci-fi/fantasy series as well as beginning boot camp for the next four songs from your band's upcoming fourth album and you have to come up with guitar solos that don't repeat licks from the solos on the previous three-plus albums and also because fourteen months or so into a global pandemic every day is starting to feel the same and it's like didn't I just write a blog post yesterday? No, no, that was last week. But it's all good because cats are awesome and the weather has been nice and have I mentioned that I've really been getting into Rick and Morty lately? I can't believe I haven't been watching that show even though the guys in my band have been huge fans for years (it was kind of the same thing with Stranger Things) but recently I started watching it because Cartoon Network plays reruns of it on Adult Swim at three in the morning which is when my cats have trained me to wake up and did I mention that cats are awesome? Rick and Morty is also awesome, if you haven't seen that show you should check it out because it's creative and brilliant and hilarious and provides good inspiration material for anyone writing a novel that has to deal with multiverses and jumping timelines and alien worlds which is what I'm doing now with that sixth book that I talked about earlier. Adult Swim in general is pretty cool, I've also been watching stuff like Birdgirl and The Boondocks because they usually follow Rick and Morty in the mornings and I ended up downloading their app and they have all kinds of cool stuff like the fifth and final season of Samurai Jack which I did not know was a thing. Anyway if you've made it this far thank you for putting up with my run-on sentences and lack of punctuation and I promise posts like this won't happen too often or maybe they will who knows but next week at least we should probably be back to something more typical. Probably.

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