Thursday, January 20, 2022

Random Life Tips That Work For Me

The last time I did one of these was on September 17, 2020. Since then, I've amassed a few more nuggets of wisdom that I thought I'd pass on to you, loyal blog reader (disclaimer: just remember to view any bits of advice given to you by a writer/musician with a healthy amount of skepticism. Except for maybe the ones that have to do with writing or playing music).
- If you've adopted a new kitten, start them on a good dental hygiene routine NOW. If brushing their teeth proves to be too difficult (trust me, I understand), at least feed them dental treats and use a dental water supplement. With any luck, this will save you money and reduce your stress down the line (not to mention, your cat will be more comfortable since their teeth won't be bothering them).

- Probiotics. Now, I know, their benefits haven't been scientifically proven, and again, take any health-related advice from me with a giant grain of salt (figurative, too much salt is bad for you), but, hey, they seem to work for me (see: the title of this blog post). Of course, your results may vary, consult your doctor, etc.

- The morning routine that always gets my day off to a good start consists of exercise, followed by five activities that all end in "-ation": appreciation (i.e., counting your blessings, gratitude, etc.), meditation (5-10 minutes is fine, I do ten while listening to one of the many meditation music videos on YouTube), affirmation (positive self-talk), inspiration (thinking about your life's purpose, which in my case is helping to make the world a more positive place through pop culture), and visualization (picturing your goals as having been achieved, etc.). And, I guess, maybe hydration? I dunno, I do drink a lot of water and green tea...

- Experiencing ennui (per Google dictionary, "a feeling of of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement") due to the pandemic or otherwise? Well, five ways I've found to combat it without making drastic moves are: (1) vacation (yes, I know, travel is iffy right now, but any kind of break can help); (2) therapy (talking it out, also helpful); (3) refocus on your passion/purpose (see the bullet point above); (4) change your routine (even what seem like really small changes can help, like reordering the kinds of exercises you do in the morning); (5) makeover your space/yourself (nothing too radical is necessary, maybe just move some furniture around or get a haircut).

- Live in the moment.

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