Thursday, July 7, 2022

Volume Six and Seven Status Update

At the last status update eight weeks ago, I said that Joel Suzuki, Volume Six (exclusive sneak peek in the photo below!) was ready for formatting and cover art, and that Volume Seven was up to 30,000 words (around 120 pages).
I'll admit, progress since then has been on a little bit of the slow side, but that's mainly because I've been busy wrapping up some other projects, including Second Player Score's new EP, Beer & Ramen.

Still, though, steady strides are being made. The formatting for Volume Six is done, and we have a preliminary sketch for the cover art (which looks really great, by the way), so we're still on track for a launch date by late summer or early fall.

And Volume Seven is now up to 42,000 words (around 168 pages) and is coming along nicely. I said in the last status update post that it was shaping up to be around 100,000 words in total, but now I think it might actually clock in at roughly the same length as Volume Six (~90,000 words). Of course, it's still early, and as I'm sure you know, things can (and probably will) change by the time I'm done. Especially since - did I say it was coming along nicely? Well, I kind of lied - I think I may need to make some serious revisions to what I have so far. But we shall see.

More updates to come!

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