Thursday, April 23, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Marshall Byle, Part Two

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A lot of your lyrics are pretty dark, although not in what you would consider the usual "heavy metal" way. Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Heavy metal way? (laughs) I've never heard that one before.

Not actually Marshall Byle
You know, like "arrrgh, death, destruction, I hate you all."

Ah, yes, well, I do try to be a bit more literate than that. I read a lot, and I do fancy myself a bit of a writer as well - not just songs, mind you, but poetry, short stories, and so on. I'm even working on a series of novels. They're still in the outline stage, but the basic concept is absolutely brilliant.

As for inspiration, I get it from everywhere. My mind is always running, you know? I can be inspired by practically anything - the daily news, a really good book, even what I had for lunch. (laughs) I always find myself waking up at three in the morning with a fully-formed song in my head. I'm like a lightning rod for ideas.

Let's back up. What is your book series about?

It's going to be an epic science fiction horror saga about a music reporter who asks too many questions about projects that haven't been released yet, and gets dissected and eaten by undead alien spider-monkeys as a result.

I see what you did there. That actually sounds pretty good, though.

(Laughs) It does, doesn't it? Blimey, I'm a genius.

I'm sure your fans would agree. Speaking of which, you have a reputation for being really good with your fans - like, staying late after shows to sign autographs, replying to emails, even inviting them to hang out with you and the band at your hotel and in the tour bus.

Well, they're the ones who pay me bills, right? No, I dunno, I think it's . . . it's fun to talk to people who recognize and appreciate the work that I do, I suppose. I mean, who wouldn't want to be constantly surrounded by adoring mobs telling you how clever and brilliant you are? (laughs)

Makes sense to me. So I haven't been lucky enough to attend one of your tour bus parties yet - can you tell me and my readers what kinds of things go on at those?

Oh, you know, the usual . . . we sit around and play chess, drink tea, discuss politics. (laughs)

Of course you do! Anyway, what are you going to be doing with your time between now and when the band starts working on the next album? Writing your sci-fi horror saga, perhaps?

That, and a load of other things. I have a short solo tour planned where I'll be playing acoustic versions of Biledriver songs as well as a bunch of me other material, and I also have three side projects that I'll be doing some recording with.

Wow, that's impressive. Where do you find the time and energy?

Well, like I said, I simply cannot sit still. I dunno, it's just something that comes naturally to me. If I knew the secret, I'd bottle it and sell it. (laughs)

Like a Marshall Byle energy drink.


Well, thanks again for speaking with me today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

Oh, are we done already? Very well.

Your manager said I only had ten minutes. We can go on, if you like.

Me manager? Oh, that bird is such a killjoy. (laughs) Well, if she says so, I suppose the end it is. Between me and you, she's quite a fright when she's angry. It's like She-Hulk. So cheers, mate, nice talking to you. And watch out for the undead alien spider-monkeys!

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