Thursday, May 7, 2015

Guest Post #1: Felicity Interviews Joel

Hey, what's up, I'm Felicity Smith. The dude that normally writes this blog said that he's busy revising "Book Two," whatever the heck that is, so he asked me to fill in for him this week. Now normally, I would have told him no way, but I guess I owe him for all the diet sodas I've been drinking out of his fridge, so here goes. Keep in mind that I'm not a writer (I hated English class, even though I always got As, thank you very much), so I know that this post won't be as good as - oh, who I am kidding, I've read some of this guy's posts and they're actually pretty terrible, so I'm sure that whatever I throw together will be better than anything he's done so far.
Anyway, when I asked him what I should write about, the first thing he said was "anything you want," but then when I said "okay" he said "on second thought, why don't you interview Joel about his favorite female sci-fi/fantasy characters." I was all like "that's a strange subject to be talking about" but then he was like "oh please please just do it I'll buy you more soda or anything you want" [ed: I didn't say it like that] so I was like "fine, whatever." So I grabbed Joel and sat him down for this interview.

Me: Sup Joel.
Joel: Hey, uh...
Me: Felicity. C'mon, you know who I am.
Joel: I know, I just...what are we doing here?
Me: That weird old guy who writes this blog wanted me to babysit his deal while he's working on some crazy project. I dunno, just go with it.
Joel: Um, okay.
Me: All right, so the subject he wanted me to talk to you about is "favorite female sci-fi/fantasy characters."
Joel: Whose favorite?
Me: Yours, I guess.
Joel: Mine?
Me, sighing: Yes.
Joel: Uh, well...
Me: I know, that's kind of a strange topic, right?
Me: Kinda borderline creepy, if you ask me.
Joel: Sure.
Me: Why don't we do your top five. I know you're all into top-whatever lists, so this should be pretty easy.
Joel: Oh, okay, yeah. So are we going to start from number five, and then count backwards to number one?
Me: Sure, yeah, whatever.
Joel: Okay, well, number five is -
Me: I'm gonna stop you there, 'cause I'm supposed to be doing this for a while and I think we've taken up enough space for now - I mean, since I know how to stretch things out pace things properly, we'll save that for next time.
Joel: Uh, all right.
Me: Cool. Smith out.

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