Thursday, February 28, 2019

Album Three Status Update

Earlier this week, my band - Second Player Score, for those of you who are new around here - finally wrapped up the tracking for our long-awaited third album, Glorified.
Glorified is a concept album (of course) that tells the story of a woman who, raised to be the best soldier of her generation, ends up fleeing her oppressive hometown and reluctantly helping people as she traverses a post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of answers about her past. The album is set up like the first season of a television series, with each of the twelve songs designed to go along with an episode of the show.

And said show is not purely hypothetical; we've actually written a script for the entire first episode ("Eye of the Needle") that, as we speak, is being turned into a 37-page manga-style comic/graphic novel by an amazing artist from San Jose. We've also hired a talented team of animators from Belgium to produce a one-minute-or-so proof-of-concept trailer for the show itself.

(By the way, even though Glorified takes place in the distant future, it shares the same universe as all of my other projects, including Joel Suzuki - in case you missed it, the major details about that universe are documented in this post.)

Anyway, the album, the comic, and the trailer are all scheduled to be released this coming June. So stay tuned for more updates!

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